PlayStation 2: Donald Duck Quack Attack (COMPLETE)


It appears that developers Ubi Soft have a reasonably close relationship with Disney Interactive. With the launch of PlayStation 2, the relationship continues with the release of Donald Duck: Quack Attack. Ubi Soft has a great background in the platform genre with the release of the Rayman series. Continuing the 3D platform catalogue in a linear fashion, similar to that in Crash Bandicoot, Quack Attack is set to give players a variety of gameplay. As you begin the game proper, you will soon uncover an assortment of different worlds. You will begin in a relatively simple wooded area, and eventually end up in the dungeons of Merlock’s castle, attempting to rescue Donald’s sweetheart, Daisy. Right from the outset, each of the game’s 24 levels prove to be immediately challenging, forcing a steep learning curve upon the player. In certain points of view, the non-controllable camera causes minor problems that make Quack Attack an even greater challenge. As you progress through the difficult levels, you will learn a number of different fighting combos to help you defeat the various creatures that roam the lands. Once you get past the awkward controls and camera angles of Quack Attack, you can uncover what ultimately turns out to be a well structured, fun (but sometimes frustrating to play) platformer.

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