PlayStation 3: House Of The Dead Overkill (COMPLETE)


So scary, you’ll cry blood through your own eyes. Such is the promise made by SEGA to those who buy House of the Dead: Overkill. What a promise! The game follows the mysterious (and oh so handsome!) Agent G in a prequel to the arcade game series. G is just out of the AMS academy and hot on the heels of Papa Caesar, a local plantation owner and criminal overlord in a Deep South town called Bayou City. So is local cop Detective Washington, and when they run into each other on Papa Caesar’s doorstep, they decide a ‘team-up to shoot all manner of dead things’ is in order. The foul-mouthed back and forth between Washington and G is one of the delights of the grindhouse-styled Overkill, but don’t let that overshadow the buckets of gore. As with past instalments in the House of the Dead series, it’s an on-rails shooter, with players using the PlayStation Move to blast all hell out of the rampaging hordes. They’ll be helped out by a range of power-ups including the likes of health packs, grenade pickups, a power-up that lets you slow down time, and a brain-shaped power-up that serves as a points multiplier. Points are important, because each time you die, it takes a chunk of them. Once you’re out of points, you’re out of lives… Players will also earn cash for each level completed, which they’ll be able to use in the gun shop to upgrade or exchange their current weapon. With the PS3 version, you also get the benefit of remastered levels, 3D, and two brand-new scenarios! If crying blood in fear doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, surely shooting zombies in the head will be?

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